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Periodontal Therapy in Amityville, NY

One of the most serious problems your smile faces is also one of the most common: gum disease. Gum disease affects the majority of people at some point in their lives, and you could be suffering from gum disease (also known by dentists as periodontal disease) right now. What can you do about gum disease? You can seek periodontal therapy from Dr. Sasha Cekada in Amityville, New York.

Why is gum disease taken so seriously? Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and it can lead to other health problems as well. If you want to keep your smile intact for a lifetime, you have to pay attention to your gum health. That’s why we offer a comprehensive periodontal health program at our Amityville dental office. We’ll check your gums for signs of gum disease at every exam, and we’re able to provide treatment if we find that this problem is affecting your smile.

If your gum disease is very mild, we may simply suggest that you floss daily and check back after six months. However, if your problem is more advanced, we will recommend periodontal therapy. This non-surgical treatment for gum disease involves a very deep cleaning below the gum line, where bacteria hides and causes the chronic inflammation of gum disease. We’ll modify the tooth roots as well, smoothing them out so that bacteria have fewer places to hide. Afterward, you’ll be instructed to visit our office regularly for follow ups and to practice thorough home hygiene care. With your help, we can prevent gum disease from coming back and threatening your smile.

It can be difficult to know if you’re suffering from gum disease, but the first sign most people notice is bleeding gums. If you ever notice your gums bleeding after brushing, flossing, or eating, contact us for an exam right away. We’ll help you to find out the cause of your problem and provide you with periodontal therapy if it’s what you need to make your smile healthy once again. Our Amityville, New York dental office helps Long Island families keep their gums healthy, serving Elwood, Dix Hills, Smithtown, and beyond.