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Root Canal Therapy

Inside of your tooth lies tissue known as the pulp. This tissue basically alerts you to extreme decay and disease threatening your tooth. When decay extends through the enamel and dentin, you will notice increased tooth sensitivity, especially to cold temperatures. As the decay continues to spread, it will eventually break through to the pulp chamber, or root canal therapy. At this point, the pulp will become infected, and abscess can follow. Root canal therapy can stop the spread of infection and help you keep a tooth that would otherwise be lost to dental disease. Dr. Sasha Cekada performs root canal therapy at our Amityville, NY dental office.

Root canal therapy involves removing the pulp that’s become diseased. Dr. Cekada will remove the diseased tissue; clean the root canals thoroughly, possibly treat the canals with medication, fill the tooth, and cap it with a crown.

Root canal therapy can be performed prior to infection if decay has broken through to the pulp. However, left completely untreated, these types of problems will eventually lead to the loss of the affected tooth. Tooth infections can damage the bone and spread elsewhere.

If you’ve noticed that your tooth hurts or is especially sensitive to hot or cold, you may need root canal therapy. We can perform a thorough exam to find out the source of your discomfort and provide appropriate treatment that may include root canal therapy.

Missing teeth require more extensive and costly treatment in the form of tooth replacement. You may think that you could have the tooth extracted and not replace it, but we strongly recommend against this course of action. That’s why root canal therapy is a great alternative to extraction when the problem is caught in time. In the majority of cases, the tooth can be saved with successful root canal therapy.

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