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Teeth Whitening in Amityville, NY

As time goes on, you may notice your smile becoming more and more discolored. Because of aging, dark foods and drinks, and other environmental factors, most smiles slowly turn from bright and white to various shades of yellow and brown. Luckily, we can turn back the clock on your smile with teeth whitening at our Amityville, NY dental office.

Dr. Sasha Cekada uses the Kör teeth whitening system. Kör provides excellent results, long-lasting whitening, and comfort for patients who desire a brighter smile. Kör works by helping your teeth absorb more oxygen, which then lifts away stains safely and painlessly. With other systems, the process can be uncomfortable, greatly increasing tooth sensitivity afterward. Kör was designed to be an alternative to these teeth whitening systems, using a different method of whitening to produce very low or even no post-procedure tooth sensitivity.

Kör whitening has also been shown to be extremely effective, even getting some smiles as much as 16 shades whiter. And while certain types of staining, such as tetracycline staining, haven’t responded well to most types of teeth whitening, Kör has been known to even work in these cases.

Teeth whitening helps you maintain a youthful, vital appearance. With simple regular maintenance, your smile can stay white throughout every phase of your life. We offer teeth whitening as part of our menu of cosmetic dentistry procedures because it’s such a simple way to make dramatic impact. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to quickly and easily improve your smile’s appearance, you might want to consider teeth whitening at our Amityville dental office on Long Island, NY.

For an appointment with Dr. Cekada, contact our office today. We serve Amityville, Massapequa, Copiague, Lindenhurst and Farmingdale, and other surrounding Long Island communities, spreading brighter smiles with Kör teeth whitening and other smile makeover treatments. Convenient and comfortable, teeth whitening helps you feel great about your smile!